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Healthy Eating In Restaurants – Things You Must Consider

During these stressful, fast-paced times, more and more people are turning to fast foods and restaurants for convenient and pleasurable dining. However, dining out can be a pain on your wallet, and your waistline. While eating out need not be too costly or fattening, you certainly need to be aware of what you’re putting in your mouth. Here are a few tips for healthy eating in a restaurant.

Restaurants Often Serve Sodium and Preservative-Laden Foods

We all agree that the typical restaurant food far tastes better than the food we cook at home. Why? Because restaurants and fast food outlets often use a lot of flavor enhancers, preservatives and sodium-filled sauces, to make their food taste great. The sad thing is that these preservatives and sodium-laden sauces bloat our body, and add more bad cholesterol to our system.

How To Have A Healthy Restaurant Eating Experience

According to some nutrition experts, the biggest mistake in restaurant dining usually happens during the first and last 10…

Healthy Eating Myths That You Must Break

Regular exercise, checking your serving portions and eating right. Healthy eating requires a lot of will power and commitment. However, there are a number of myths that continue to deceive dieters and healthy eating advocates. The key to eating healthy lies in how you check out the food items you buy, as well as on how dedicated are you in making sure that you watch what you eat every day. Here are some food myths that you need to watch out for.

All Low-Fat Foods Are Healthy

When you go to the grocery store, and you see food items labeled as “low fat” or fat-free”, beware of them. Just because they have the “fat-free” sign posted on them doesn’t mean that they’re truly healthy. The truth is that some of these food items actually have the same number of calories as the regular versions, and sometimes sugar is added to replace the flavor lost when fat is removed. By having more sugar, these food items will have empty calories, which may lead to you gaining weight instead. Fats come in dif…

Healthy Eating Tips For Diabetics

A diabetic’s life can be tough on his diet. If a person has diabetes, it’s important that he or she is aware of the connection between carbohydrate consumption and diabetes management. Once carbohydrates are synthesized by the digestive system, they become sugars, and have a direct effect on blood glucose levels. A diabetic’s diet must maintain a delicate balance of essential nutrients and minerals. It's important for diabetics to know what foods to eat, and which ones to avoid.

Choose High-Fiber Vegetables

Eating fiber-rich vegetables is good for diabetics, since fiber does not raise or affect blood sugar levels. The vegetables should be minimally processed, and ideally should be eaten raw. Among the fiber-rich veggies that are great for diabetics include cauliflower, celery, cucumber, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, artichokes, cabbage, eggplant, peppers, greens and spinach.

Suggested Fruit Variants For Diabetics

Fruits that have high fiber and fructose content are good for diabetics, s…

5 Myths Regarding Body Fat Revealed

As more and more people are focusing on weight loss and toning muscle to improve health and reduce insurance costs, you may be operating under myths that will reduce your potential for success. Let’s debunk some of those myths and provide facts about fat that will only help you get rid of more of it.

1. You can lose fat in just one area of the body. This is a myth that has been spread for decades and feeds the spot weight loss and toning industry. Yes, you can spot tone, but your body will lose fat overall and not in just one place. The exception to the rule is belly fat which is really visceral fat. This fat is wrapped around your organs in the abdomen. It is the easiest to put on and to take off.

2. Reducing calories below 1200 calories per day will burn more fat. The truth is that when your calorie intake goes below 1200 per day your body goes into starvation mode and metabolism slows significantly. In this state your body will conserve as much fat as possible.

3. You can lose all the…

How To Build Lean Muscle The Easy Way

One factor in reducing body fat is to develop lean muscle that burns calories, gives your body a sleek appearance and creates a structurally sound support system for your skeleten and internal organs. And while those factors may sound more medical than sexy, lean muscle is nothing if not sexy.

Strength training or weight training has two different objectives – mass with or without strength and lean muscle strength without bulk. These goals are accomplished using two very distinct and different training styles. Those who are after a bulky Mr. Universe appearance may not be as strong as the weight lifter whose goal is strength. And the individual who is after lean muscle mass may not be as bulky as Mr. Universe or as strong as the weight lifter. But each of these individuals has goals which are both attainable and admirable when they fit your lifestyle and ambitions.

Lean muscle will also be achieved through specific nutritional intake that reduces the amount of carbohydrates you eat. Car…

10 Weight Loss Tips - Dont Complicate It

In the past 30 years the number of people who suffer from being overweight and obesity has grown significantly. The weight loss industry is growing to meet the demand, but the number of people who are overweight only continues to grow.

What’s the problem?

Here’s the bottom line. The real way that people can lose weight and keep it off is not related to a fad diet, eating only cabbage or plugging into some electrical stimulation program that promises to work off the fat and make you a lean, mean calorie burning machine.

Instead, the real way that real people lose weight is to do the work of living a healthy lifestyle. Here are 10 of the most important tips you can follow to lose all the weight you want.

1. Sleep
Often overlooked, sleep is important to your overall health and weight loss efforts for a number of reasons. Many people will eat more if they are tired in an effort to stay awake. The behavior is subconscious and most are never aware that they were doing it! Sleep reduces your stre…

5 Aspects Of Physical Fitness Revealed

There are five components of physical fitness which insurance companies and trainers measure. These components of physical fitness are important to the overall evaluation of health. It is like fine-tuning a racing engine. You wouldn’t add diesel fuel to an engine that requires high octane.

When physical trainers measure the fitness of a person they use 5 components of physical fitness to test the person against a set standard and to develop goals for further improvement. By incorporating these 5 components of physical fitness the person can not only improve health but also lose weight.

The first component of the 5 components of physical fitness is muscular strength. This measurement is the ability of the muscle to exert a maximal force through a range of motion or to a given point. This is measured for a short period of time and usually incorporates the use of weights for evaluation.

Muscular strength can vary throughout the body. So, for instance, you can have high muscular strength in …

Healthy Heart Diet And Weight Loss

Eating a heart healthy diet is often the goal of patients who have discovered they have coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, or another of the heart conditions. Unfortunately, although a heart healthy diet will help to delay the inevitable, if they had begun earlier they may be eliminated the condition in the first place.

Sometimes combining weight loss and a healthy heart diet will accomplish several goals at once. The patient will gain more energy, increase the ability to remain active, decrease the risk of high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease and stroke and decrease the risk of stress related illnesses.

The American Heart Association believes that weight loss and a healthy heart diet is so important that they have guidelines for selecting a weight loss and weight maintenance programs.

They believe the food plan should be worked into the person’s current eating habits and preferences and set realistic goals for weight loss. Using a plan that cuts calories too quickly…

Yes Diet And Exercise Can Preventing Heart Disease

Preventing heart disease with diet and exercise means more than dragging out your old running shoes and changing from ice cream to vegetables. Too many times life catches up with us. You may have been a runner or volleyball player before you were married and had kids but now, with the added stress of work and family life, exercise has been moved to a back burner.

Something may have triggered your desire to exercise and prevent heart disease – it could have been an article, a friend who had a heart attack or a recent diagnosis of a chronic disease. What ever the reason there are steps to take before you begin.

Your first step should be a medical examination with your doctor. Only your doctor can determine if you already have a degree of heart disease or coronary artery blockage that will kill you within weeks of beginning a vigorous exercise program. Depending upon your history, your health issues and your family history he will do specific tests to look for a coronary artery blockage. T…

Healthy Eating Guide For Children

Eating can actually be healthy and fun. But with the proliferation of fast foods and other tasty cholesterol-rich snack items, making your child see the beauty of eating healthy and natural food may become a challenge. Since access to unhealthy food choices are easy, and the choices are plenty, what‘s the best way for introducing healthy eating habits to your kids? Here are some effective healthy eating guidelines to consider.

Healthy Foods Actually Tastes Good

The typical fast food fare can be very tempting for most kids today. The problem is that the usual fast food fare consists of high-salt, high-sugar and high-calorie food items, which kids find so appealing, and are also easier to eat. For parents who are concerned about their children’s eating habits, learn to keep your cool. The reality is that healthy food can actually taste great. However, making your children love eating healthy food may require more effort and extra planning. While carrot sticks or cauliflower stalks may not…

Healthy Eating Facts - Why It is SO Importtant

We’re all aware that staying healthy and fit requires that we attain a balanced diet, get lots of exercise, and also stay away from unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking, excessive alcohol intake, drugs and others. Those who practice good nutrition, hygiene and regular exercise, often develop healthy habits which they will continue practicing for life, and will keep them healthy for long periods. Here are some healthy eating facts and figures for children, teenagers and adults.

What Is Nutrition?

According to health experts, the word nutrition refers to the value that we get out of the food we eat. A food item will be deemed nutritious if it provides the required amount of nutrients to support the health of our body, enhance growth, replace lost energy, and allow us to perform at our peak. Nutritious and wholesome foods offer balanced combinations of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids, antioxidants, fiber and healthy fats. Foods that are not nutritious simply fil…

Healthy Eating – Benefits Of A High-Fiber Diet

Fiber is one of the main ingredients of healthy eating. If the body isn’t getting the required amounts of natural fiber, the person may be prone to disorders such as constipation, gas pain, and worse colon cancer. For those who are looking to have a healthy eating plan, fiber is one of the key elements to that plan. The sad thing is that many individuals still don’t take fiber too seriously. Here’s a look at the many benefits of consuming high-fiber foods.

Fiber Fights Diseases, And Can Help Stop Overeating

A diet that’s rich in fiber can help prevent a number of diseases, from constipation to colon cancer. Eating a high-fiber diet actually helps the body reduce or eradicate bad cholesterol, by binding fat and cholesterol in the digestive tract. Natural fiber can also help stop overeating. High-fiber foods take longer to chew and digest, making the person feel satisfied and full longer.

Processed Foods Don’t Have Adequate Fiber Content

These days, grocery shelves are often filled with lot…

5 Food Items To Your Lower Bad Cholesterol - Healthy Eating Tips

Most of us are aware that eating less burgers, fries, pizzas and fried foods helps to improve our heart, and our overall health. However, eating more healthy food options can do more than just reduce cholesterol levels, or keep the heart healthy. Eating healthy foods also helps to improve skin tone, strengthen the immune system, sharpen the eyesight, and lower the risks of getting a heart attack or stroke. The consumption of fruits and vegetables, especially vitamin-C rich fruits and green leafy veggies, has also been found to offer a protective effect against stroke and other coronary heart diseases.

Kiwi Fruit And Avocado

Avocados are delicious and creamy, and they are also good at reducing LDL, or bad cholesterol, as well as regulate blood pressure. Avocados are also rich in plant sterols, soluble fiber, monounsaturated fats and minerals. The kiwi fruit is also a low-key but hardworking fruit that's good for the heart. Kiwi has a high potassium content, which helps in regulating …

Vegetarians Healthy Eating Plan

With cardiovascular diseases and obesity rates soaring in the US and the industrialized world, man teenagers and adults are slowly turning to vegetarian diets as a major step towards achieving a healthy lifestyle. Unlike most of us who regularly munch on meat and dairy products, vegetarians don’t have to worry about high cholesterol levels or tans-fat filled food items. Vegetarians however, need to ensure that they get the right amount of nutrition from their vegan diets, to maintain good health. With careful planning and consideration, a vegetarian diet can certainly be tasty and satisfying.

With No Established Vegetarian Diets, The Choice Is All Up To You

Most nutrition experts agree that with so many vegetarian diets, there is actually no established vegan diet, and so the choice will be all up to you. The problem with some vegetarians is that the more restricting their veggie diet becomes, the harder it will be for them to meet their body’s daily nutritional requirements. According …